With SuperCare Dental, you can pay for essential dental treatments using your superannuation. SuperCare is an Australian company that helps access Early Release of Super to pay for essential dental treatments. SuperCare streamlines the application process required to access superannuation to pay for dental procedures as are necessary for yourself or your dependents, e.g. your spouse, partner or your child.
SuperCare is not a superannuation fund nor a financial services company. It is a type of funding assistance that allows patients to access their superannuation funds early so they can pay for the dental procedure they require.

What dental treatments can be paid with my superannuation fund?

There are specific criteria for the Early Release of Super program which you must adhere to. Pure Dentistry works strictly within the guidelines of what’s required. They choose not to participate in the ERS program for purely cosmetic dental procedures, such as dental veneers or teeth whitening. They will only participate in the ERS for treatments that will improve the health and function of your teeth, such as:

  • Dental implants
  • Dental sedation and Sleep Dentistry
  • Dental crowns
  • Dentures
  • Oral and maxillofacial surgery
  • Dental Work for Children Under General Anesthesia
  • Braces and orthodontics
  • Root Canal Therapy
  • General Dentistry
What are my options for paying for dental care with my superannuation?

The Clinic sends your details to SuperCare.

A SuperCare consultant contacts you to discuss eligibility.

We begin the application process.

A SuperCare consultant contacts your clinic and collates all the relevant documentation

  • Amount approved 
  • Clinic notified
  • Funds released to your account

A standard assessment period of up to 14 business days from lodgement.

Your application is reviewed and lodged with the ATO.

Your GP signs the CRS form.

You Can Access your Superannuation Fund for Dental work

You may be able to access your super fund to pay out-of-pocket expenses for dental treatment of yourself or your children. You can access your superannuation today and do not have to wait until you are 65 years old or over. Under the ATO’s compassionate release of superannuation program, Superannuation savings can fund essential treatments. With SuperCare you can pay all out-of-pocket expenses, including private hospital fees for dental treatment of children in Brisbane under general anaesthesia.

Early Access to Superannuation to Pay the Dentist

You cannot access super if you are a Temporary resident. You can, however, withdraw it upon permanent departure from Australia. SuperCare assists with ‘Compassionate Release of Super’ (CRS) legislation.

Dental Sevices that Can be Done Using SuperCare 

Using SuperCare, you can pay for the dental treatments below: 

  • Dental treatment of children under general anaesthesia 
  • Dental implants 
  • Dentures 
  • Dental Braces and orthodontic treatments 
  • Root Canal Treatment 
  • Dental Crowns 
  • General Dentistry
What are the Benefits of SuperCare

Early Release of Super for Dental Treatment 

The benefits of SuperCare payment option include: • Provides fund for essential dental care • Can offer funds to yourself, your partner, spouse or dependant child • No credit checks because you are accessing your savings • Provides funds for treatment in private clinics and avoid lung waiting time of public hospitals • You do not accrue large debts

How Long Does it take to Access Super for Dental Treatment?

ATO Early Release of Super 

SuperCare can help access SuperFund and make funds available within 2-3 weeks.

Supercare Fact Sheet

SuperCare is an Australian owned Company that was established over 10 years to help all Australians eliminate the stress associated with paying for essential, yet expensive dental treatments.

The SuperCare service alleviates this stress by streamlining the application process required to access superannuation for your patient to pay for dental treatment.

Did you Know?

SuperCare is the first Company to pioneer the use of superannuation as a payment option, SuperCare holds its place as the industry leader in accessing Superannuation for dental treatment.

What can Cover Supercare?

Patients can access their Superannuation for any treatment that has an underlying pain or discomfort.

Why patients choose Supercare

  • Quick and streamlined applications process
  • A Dedicated Case-Manager who overlooks the application from start to finish
  • No ‘credit checks’ or ‘means testing’ for the patient
  • Super can be accessed on behalf of a partner, spouse, and your children. SuperCare can also assist with joint applications
  • No minimum or maximum limit on the Super release
  • No Payment Plans
  • No approval No fee policy
  • In-house GP Service – for necessary secondary support
  • Registered Tax Agent for clinic & patient peace of mind

How do i use the patient referral portal?

  1. Open the bookmarked SuperCare referral Link
  2. Complete the patient referral details
  3. Submit the details for a SuperCare consultant to get in contact with the patient on the same day as the referral

Why Clinic Choose Supercare?

  1. Streamlined application process – SuperCare removes the administrative burden placed on clinics and patients with an end-toend application process Upfront lump sum approval which is then paid to the clinic by the patient 

    In-house GP Service for necessary secondary support


    SuperCare Tax licence – Providing clinics with security and transparency on the application process


    No merchant fees or ongoing costs to the clinic


    You can provide the patient with a comprehensive wholistic treatment plan covering; all out of pocket expenses during the entire length of the treatment plan.

No Approval - No Cost Policy

SuperCare is a fee for service company and operates on a no approval – no cost basis. In the rare situation where your patient’s application is declined by the ATO and the decision cannot be overturned, we will provide the patient with a full refund on their application cost.



The Supercare Process

  1. The Dental Clinic sends the Patient details via the ‘Online Referral Portal.’ all staff can access this portal via the unique referral link provided.
  2. A SuperCare consultant contacts the patients and discusses their eligibility within 24 hours of the referral being made.
  3. Patient is signed on as a SuperCare client – The patient will sign the service agreement and pay the SuperCare service fee.
  4. SuperCare Quotes Support Team contacts the clinic to request Support letter and treatment plan. The patients Case-Manager will also gather all required secondary support to allow approval of the application.
  5. Once lodged the application has a standard assessment timeframe – set out by the ATO – of 14 working days. Once approved, the Clinic is notified via email, and the Super Fund releases the approved funds to the patient in a further 7-10 working days.

What Happens once an application has been approved?

An approval email will be sent by SuperCare to the clinic, notifying you of the patient’s name, approval date and approval amount.

If the approved funds are not received at the clinic after 10 working days of the approval email being sent – refer the case to SuperCare so the Policy Team can follow up and offer the patient further assistance that may be needed or; apply the necessary compliance procedure.

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