Chipped Tooth

When a section of the tooth’s enamel is harmed or fractured, it becomes chipped. Numerous factors, including trauma, biting on hard objects, and dental decay, can cause it. You can notice sensitivity, soreness, or roughness on the tooth surface, depending on how severe the chip is.

Prompt treatment for chipped teeth is a priority at Westbrook Family Dental in order to stop future harm and restore the integrity of the tooth. Our skilled dentists will evaluate the severity of the chip and suggest the best course of action.


Customized Treatment Option

To address cracked teeth, we provide several treatment options, including:

  1. Dental bonding is a well-liked solution for small chips. It entails covering the damaged region with a resin substance that is tooth-colored, which is afterward polished and sculpted to resemble a genuine tooth.
  1. Dental veneers: Dental veneers might be a great option when the chip is more severe or affects the front teeth. These thin covers, which are created to fit the front of the tooth, hide the chip and improve aesthetics.
  1. Dental crowns may be suggested for bigger chips that endanger the tooth’s strength and structure. A complete tooth is protected and has its shape and function restored by a dental crown, which is a cap that fits over the tooth.

Aesthetic and Functional Restoration: We provide treatments for chipped teeth that not only make your tooth look better but also guarantee that it functions correctly. We concentrate on developing a smooth and natural blend with the neighboring teeth so you may talk, chew, and smile with assurance.

Why Choose Us?

Advanced Dental Technology and Procedures: To provide accurate and successful treatment for chipped teeth, we make use of sophisticated dental technology and procedures. For the best outcomes, our staff remains current on the most recent developments in restorative dentistry.

Patient Comfort and Care: We put a high focus on your comfort. Our welcoming staff will make sure you are comfortable during the course of your treatment. We provide sedative choices for nervous individuals and employ local anesthesia to provide a pain-free encounter.

You should get treatment right once if you have a chipped tooth. Trust Westbrook Family Dental’s skilled team to restore your smile and dental health. Call us right away to set up your consultation and learn more about the precise and careful choices for repairing your chipped tooth.

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