Non Surgical Facelifts

Have you been through the long tiring processes of searching for an excellent anti-aging treatment-providing clinic?

If you want to find a place that would be convenient, near your location, affordable, and pocket friendly with the best outcomes, then we have got it all for you at our cosmetic dentistry clinic in Westbrook.

Our specialist dermatologists are experienced and properly educated in this field of work.


What is a facelift Service?

Your tiring sleepless nights, thinking about your skin and how you can enhance it, are finally over.

We understand that with aging, your skin’s elasticity reduces; thus, it loosens and deposits the fats in some areas of your face.

Saggy skin and wrinkles are widespread problems that result from aging. And nobody likes to have wrinkles and frown lines on their skin. That is the reason it calls for good treatment and care.

Face-lifting is a process whereby you can get rid of the saggy appearance of your face, and your face will look more youthful and young.

Usually, the entire process of a facelift takes approximately 2 to 4 hours. It is suggested that you avoid smoking once you are done with facelifting.

Situations require a facelift, including too much skin in the lower jawline area, skin folds around the nose, and the corner of your lips, saggy skin, and too much fat accumulation near the neck.

The facelifting procedure also has some risks, like allergy reactions that might occur due to the anesthesia, infection, bleeding, pain, hair loss in the site where the cut has been done, prolonged swelling, and issues with the healing process the wounded area as well.


Why Choose Us?

We try to ensure that we get the best for you.

We believe in growing an excellent patient-doctor bonding before starting the process. Good communication between both parties makes the process easier.

Contact us to get your facelifts done in the safest and best ways. You won’t have to worry even for a little when opting for the facelift at our clinic.

You can stay assured that we’ll get the best for you.

You can fill out the form and send an email to us or directly call us at the emergency number on this website.

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