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The majority of modern dentists employ composite resin for fillings in patients’ teeth. It’s true that some modern dentists still utilise silver amalgam and glass ionomer fillings. The dentist will mould the filling to match the form of the tooth.

We get a kick out of seeing to her patients’ requirements and putting them at ease with our detailed explanations.


What are Dental Fillings Services?

Tooth decay, wear, or injury may all be remedied by dental fillings. The materials used to make them can “fill” the gaps left by decayed or broken tooth enamel once they have hardened. Dental fillings are not a panacea for damaged teeth, but they can prevent further decay and ensure that teeth can continue to do their job.

If decay is to blame for the tooth damage, your dentist will use a drill and other instruments to clean the decay out of the tooth before filling it. Dental decay occurs when disease breaks down the hard tissue of the teeth, turning them into a mushy consistency. If it is deemed essential, they will provide a local anesthetic to numb the area so you don’t feel anything throughout the procedure. There are benefits and cons to using any kind of material.

Certain situations may call for the use of a material that is superior to others. The most qualified individual to advise you on your options is your affordable family dentistry experts. Some people have a fear of getting a cavity filled because of the mercury in dental amalgam.

Although it’s true that high levels of mercury exposure can be harmful to humans, the “free” mercury, or mercury that can be absorbed by the body, found in amalgam fillings is so low as to be completely harmless.


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Our mission is to make your dental appointment the best one you’ve ever had. That’s a plus, but that’s not all there is to working with us. We take a forward-thinking approach and employ state-of-the-art computerised, digital, and laser technologies to ensure that our patients have a pleasant dental experience.

Our cosmetic family dentistry practice is based on the principle that each patient deserves to be treated like a unique individual, not a caseload. We want your visit to the dentist to be a positive one, so we do everything we can to put you at ease before, during, and after treatment. Every member of our staff is approachable and thoughtful, and they are happy to hear about any concerns or inquiries you may have.

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