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Bone grafting refers to a surgical process in which donor bone is used to reconstruct and repair bones that have been compromised by injury or illness. Bone Grafts Westbrook are a possibility for mending bones just about anywhere on the body.

Your surgeon may take bone from your hips, legs, or ribs to complete the graft. Donated bone tissue from cadavers is another option for surgeons when undertaking bone grafting.


What is Bone grafts services?

Damaged bones caused by trauma or joint problems may benefit from bone grafting, commonly known as the transplantation of bone tissue. The process of bone regeneration surrounding an implanted device, such as a total knee replacement, can be aided by this technique in cases of bone loss or fracture.

Bone from the patient’s own body, bone from a donor, or bone totally generated in a laboratory can all be used in a bone graft procedure. Should the body accept it, it might provide a foundation for the development of new, living bones. A bone graft is often suggested as a therapy option for patients who have suffered jaw trauma or have significant tooth decay.

Bone loss may have been caused by atrophy or degeneration in some cases. The likelihood of a dental implant failing being increased if the jawbone has deteriorated or isn’t as robust as it should be, as the pressure exerted on the jaw from chewing increases.

Make an appointment for a free consultation with a dentist to find out if there is enough bone tissue to support dental implants; if not, the dentist may recommend a bone transplant. Jaw bone mass can be increased through a bone transplant procedure using either your own bone pieces or dried bone fragments from a human cadaver’s jaw.


Why Choose Us?

Dental implants are typically placed during routine oral surgery; however, some patients may require a bone graft prior to implant placement to ensure adequate implant stability in the jaw. You can trust that the dental implant procedure and the bone grafting procedure you will undergo will be performed expertly and with the utmost care because the staff has the requisite knowledge and experience to do so.

The state-of-the-art equipment and dental tools at our disposal allow dental implants westbrook to provide meticulous care and highly effective bone grafts. We promise not only that you will be completely safe while receiving our dental services, but also that they will be of the highest possible quality.

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